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New & Used Caterpillar Engines for Sale

Diesel engines that deliver the performance and efficiency you expect from an industry leader.

We run tests every Cat engine for sale to ensure that it will perform for your vehicle, irrigation, mining and industrial projects. At Adelman’s, we strive to provide as much information as possible with regard to model, arrangement, application and condition of each Caterpillar engine, complete from fan hub to flywheel.

We offer a 30-day guarantee on the block and crank of our Caterpillar truck engines. No core or motor exchange needed.

Take a look at the new and used Caterpillar engines we currently have in stock below. We stock Cat engines from 60 HP to 2000 HP. Contact us if you don’t see the exact engine you’re looking for or if you have any questions about the engines we keep in stock.

Popular Caterpillar Engine Models

At Adelman’s, we stock a variety of Caterpillar engine models. We’ve included a selection of them in the chart below—including C15 Cat engines and Caterpillar 3126 engines for sale—along with their horsepower and RPM. Please note that specific engine details may differ based on factors such as their year model.


Caterpillar Engine Model HP RPM
3116 250 2600
3126E 190 2300
3306C 300 1900
3516-DITA 1249 1600
C7 ACERT 230 2500
C9 ACERT 450 2200
C15 ACERT 435 2100
C13 475 2100



Frequently Asked Questions About Caterpillar Engines


  • What is the strongest Caterpillar engine? The most power-dense diesel engine from Caterpillar is the C32. It features 1350 HP at 2100 RPM. If you’re looking for a powerful diesel engine, contact us and we’ll help you figure out what’s best for your application.
  • Are Caterpillar engines better than Cummins? Caterpillar and Cummins are two popular diesel engine brands. The one that works “better” will be the one that works best for your application. Curious to see what we have? View our Cummins engines.
  • Is Cat 3208 a good engine? 3208 Cat engines were popular, reliable diesel engines used in heavy trucks and power plant and marine applications.
  • How much HP does a 3208 cat have? A Caterpillar 3208 engine features 210 HP.
  • How big is a 3208 Cat? A 3208 Cat engine is an eight-cylinder, four-stroke engine with a weight range of about 1,590 to 1,980 pounds.
  • Where can I get a Caterpillar 3208 engine? Don’t see one below? Reach out today and we’ll help you find one.





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